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Q. What format does the picture need to be?
A. Please supply your photo in jpg, jpeg, PSD or PDF formats.  For best results please make sure your photo is as large as possible and ideally in a landscape orientation - between 1mb and 10mb in size. If you have any questions regarding supplying your photo please contact us at or Tel 01754 898888.

Q. How do you make your lap trays?
A. Our lap trays are precision manufactured and feature mitered angle joints. They are  glued and stapled and held in a jig to ensure they are kept square during the glue curing process.
We then fit a clear acrylic cover within the frame to protect the printed picture from surface abrasions. After your printed picture has been inserted it is then backed with a sheet of medium density fibre board to help keep it and the frame rigid. Finally a separate bean bag is inserted within the outer cloth bag and zipped up.

If you ever wish to change your picture you could do so easily yourself.  

Q. How do I clean my lap tray?
A. We recommend that cleaning of our products is done with a soft damp cloth provided it is not on an area which has been directly printed on.

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