Explore Stunning Bean Bag Lap Trays: Animals, Space, Sports & More

Bean bag lap trays are not just functional; they can be a delightful extension of your personality and interests. At Yoosh, we offer a wide range of stunning designs to cater to everyone's tastes. Whether you’re an adult, elderly, or child, our cushioned lap trays are perfect for adding a touch of joy and convenience to your daily routines. Let's explore the diverse collections available, sure to enchant you and make your leisure time even more enjoyable.

1. Lap Trays Featuring Country, Landmark & Spaces

If you love to travel or dream of exploring new places, our cushioned lap trays featuring famous countries, landmarks, and breath-taking spaces are perfect for you. Imagine having a tray with the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, or a serene beach scene. These trays can transport you to your favourite destination while enjoying a meal or working on your laptop. To mention a few from this collection :

Woodland Path Lap tray: Featuring beautifully captured forest path way.

London Tower Bridge Lap Tray: Showcasing iconic landmark like London Tower Bridge Lap Tray. 

Tropical Beach Lap Tray : Beautiful beaches and palm trees for a relaxing vibe.

2. Cats & Dogs

Animal lovers will adore our selection of cat and dog-themed lap trays. These trays are perfect for adding a playful touch to your home. Whether you’re a cat person, a dog person, or both, we have designs that will make you smile every time you use them. Examples include:

Golden Retriever Puppies Cushioned Lap Tray: Cute and cuddly dogs 

Cute Long Haired Kittens Lap Tray: Adorable cats exploring and playing.

German Shepherd Puppies Lap Tray: Customizable with a photo of your own beloved pet.

3. Animals

For those who appreciate the beauty of wildlife, our animal themed lap trays are a must-have. These cushioned lap tray designs capture the majesty of different creatures, from the savannah to the deep sea. Bring the wild into your home with trays that feature:

Majestic Lion Lap Tray: Powerful and regal lion in their natural habitat.

Panda Lap Tray: Funny, cute panda in forest

Brown Horses Lap Tray: Gentle deer, foxes, and other woodland creatures.

4. Space & Astrology

Space enthusiasts and astrology lovers will find our space and astrology-themed lap trays absolutely captivating. These designs are perfect for anyone who gazes at the stars or wonders about the universe. Our collection is not limited to lap trays, we also have space & astrology themed coasters set, framed picture clock, cushions and more. You can always choose for personalisation. Our cushion lap tray and coasters collection includes:

Galaxy Adventures: Stunning images of galaxies and nebulae for example; Milky Way Galaxy Lap Tray, Orion Nebula Lap Tray, Space coaster Set of 4

Zodiac Signs: Beautifully illustrated astrological signs. Examples are Aquarius Star Sign Lap Tray, Virgo Star Sign Lap Tray, Leo Star Sign Lap Tray

5. Art & Culture

For those with a passion for art and culture, our collection of art-inspired lap trays is a treasure trove. These trays feature famous artworks, cultural motifs, and creative designs that reflect your sophisticated taste. 

6. Transport

Transport enthusiasts will be thrilled with our transport-themed lap trays. These designs are perfect for those who love cars, planes, trains, and everything in between. Whether you’re a car aficionado or a plane spotter, we have something for you:

Classic Cars: Vintage and modern car designs, sports cars. Some examples are: mercedes f1 lap tray, Classic mini red lap tray etc.

Aviation Dreams: Planes soaring through the skies for example our Spitfire plane lap tray.

Railway Romance: Beautiful trains on scenic routes for example our Royal Scotsman 1928 Train lap tray.

7. Fantasy, Gothic & Steampunk

For those who love the fantastical and the mysterious, our fantasy, gothic, and steampunk lap trays are a perfect fit. These trays bring a touch of magic and adventure to your everyday life. Our collection includes:

Steampunk Gear: Intricate steampunk designs with gears and cogs for e.g. Steampunk Goggles cat lap tray, Steampunk Goat lap tray .

Gothic Elegance: Dark and beautiful gothic art. Examples are Fire Witch Lap Tray, Eye of the Forest Lap Tray .

Fantasy Realms: Enchanting scenes from mystical worlds. Examples are Magical Unicorn lap tray and Celestial dragon lap tray .

8. Cartoon & Illustrations

Kids and the young at heart will love our cartoon and illustration-themed lap trays. These playful designs are perfect for adding a touch of fun and whimsy to any room. Our collection includes:

Grumpy Cat Lap Tray, Toadally lap tray, Pirates race kids game lap tray, Fairy castle kids game lap tray etc.

9. Sports & Hobbies

For sports enthusiasts and hobbyists, our sports and hobbies-themed lap trays are ideal. These trays celebrate your passions and are perfect for using during game nights or while working on your favourite hobby. Examples include: Football Crazy lap tray, England World Cup Winners 1966 lap tray, Cristiano Ronaldo signature lap tray, Lionel Messi signature lap tray etc.

Why Yoosh Lap Trays are Perfect for Everyone

At Yoosh, we believe that everyone deserves a lap tray that reflects their personality and interests. Our lap trays are for adults, the elderly, and kids alike. With options to customize the frame colour, base colour, and even add your own photos and texts, you can create a truly unique piece. Our trays are designed to provide stability and comfort, making them perfect for eating, working, or simply relaxing. So, why wait? Explore our stunning collection of bean bag lap trays today and find the perfect one to match your style and interests. Transform your everyday routines into enjoyable experiences with Yoosh's personalized lap trays.

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