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When did Valentine's Day begin?

When did Valentine's Day begin?

The date we celebrate Valentine's day, February 14th, was fixed by the Western Christian church,around about the 14th Century. The day originally was celebrated as a day of feast, honouring the early saints named Valentinus and has become widely celebrated as a significant cultural and commercial celebration. 

In the 14th Century, romantic courtly love was recognised and then in the 18th Century, Valentine's Day evolved into the day we know today, with the giving of flowers, chocolates and cards, although up until the 19th Century, the cards were unique and handwritten and not the mass produced ones commonly sold today. With the introduction of cheaper postal rates from the 1840's, more and more cards were being sent and many more were then also sent anonymously. 

Due to the higher demand for manufactured cards, a factory was able to employ over 3000 people, who were mainly women. At the turn of the Century, in 2000, and with the rise in internet popularity, there has been a vast increase in using digital means of creating and sending messages, with the use of e-cards and printable cards. From the 20th Century the range of gifts given with a card had extended to include jewellery and, in particular, diamonds and the most popular flower being the Rose.

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