Paradise Lost and Found - Cushioned Lap Trays by Yoosh
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Paradise Lost and Found

Paradise Lost and Found

.... in the Maldives

Lazy days by the poolside, dozing, drifting in thought. Sounds of blackbirds squawking, laughter and the gentle splash of the Indian Ocean. The powder white sands of the beach just a stones throw away.

A holiday of a lifetime, wonderful memories to keep. Our bespoke and personalised lap trays can keep your memories alive capturing photographs of those special moments and places.

The Maldivians are an island race-scattered over approx. 200 islands with a population of just over 300,000 unified by history and strong commitment to family.

Slowly becoming victims to the trappings of the modern day world. As they fight to preserve their beautiful islands using the same forces of man that has been brought about by Global Warming and maybe their demise. In their attempt to halt the tick tock of time you find artificial sea walls creating lagoons but against the sea shores the desperate attempt to stop the erosion of the island seems to be a losing battle.

Sitting against the jetty rocking gently on the calm waters sits a sea plane constantly flying visitors to and from the island a cargo boat a mini lorry and the original Dhoni boat and finally alongside them all a pipeline going out to the Diesel engine powered pumping station slowly sucking up the dead coral and sand moving it to the shoreline in a futile attempt to save the island. Of course Mother Nature will reclaim all that is hers. With a big helping hand from man, machine and Global Warming.